3 in 1:

1-Leads&Customers Market 2-Multi-layer CRM 3-Live Chats 

Leads8 allows easily sell/buy/manage Leads&Customers, manage Operators/Team + integrate free multi-layer Chat in any site


Leads & Customers Market

Market for selling / buying leads & customers 

Leads8 provides a market place where you can sell and buy leads & customers. 


Multi-layer CRM + Live Chats

Best multi-layer CRM + Live Chats

Leads8 provides very unique CRM where you can create any hierarchy of your company. You and your workers will be able to manage the customers & workers. Every worker will have his own chat and communicate directly with his customers. 


What We Do?

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Leads & Customers Market

Leads8 is an infinitely growing Leads Market which allows its members to sell and buy leads world-wide.

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Multi-layer Online CRM

In a very unique CRM you and your workers can create & manage any hierarchy of your company and manage your customers. 

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Multi-layer Online Chat

In Leads8 everyone has his own chat. Using this multi-layer chat, each worker / manager / operator / customer can chat  directly with an other side and visa versa. 

About Us

Leads8 is a platform where buyers and sellers buy and sell leads, manage their CRM and chat with each other for free. This platform operates like a marketplace for businesses to find customers in real time, where affiliates can bring them these customers. Our platform helps businesses in all verticals. We believe in a win-win approach. When businesses, affiliates, and customers win - then we win. Our technology is truly on the cutting edge of online marketplace exchange technology. Leads8 tools may be easily integrated with any site or platform using an API that is delivered by Leads8. None of our competitors come close to matching its feature set and speed. But we haven’t stopped there. We continuously work on improving and advancing Leads8’s capabilities. We have a very good reputation, and intend to keep it with hard work and integrity.


  • Leads & Customers Market

  • Multi-layer CRM

  • Multi-layer Chat

  • World-wide & Multi-language Platform

Who Are We Looking For ?

We are infinitely looking for new businesses that need quality leads & customers, we are looking for businesses that want to manage their customers/teams/sales the smartest and simplest way, we are constantly looking for new affiliates that bringing to businesses quality leads & customers, we are looking for parties that helping each other and also willing to make good profit from what they do.

Who uses Leads8 ?

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Global Businesses

Global Businesses

With Leads8 Global Businesses find their customers and also manage them and manage their sales and teams.

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Local Businesses

Local Businesses

With Leads8 Local Businesses find their customers and also manage them and manage their sales and teams.

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With Leads8 Affiliates bring customers to Global and Local businesses and make big and safe profit.

What Clients Say About Leads8?

With Leads8 I’m able to manage my customers and my team in one easy to use built in CRM. Since I found Leads8, I’ve stopped overpaying for customer acquisition."

David Moris Business

Since I’ve started working with Leads8, I found the process of receiving payments to be easier and more secure than my former solution.

John Marks Affiliate

I have an internet business, in the past I found the juggle between affiliates and customers to be quite challenging. Since working with Lead8, I’ve had a steady flow of quality incoming leads!

Vivian Dean Business

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

Our Clients



  • $0.00Per/Mn
  • 10000 Customers
  • 3 Managers
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  • $200.00Per/Mn
  • 50000 Customers
  • 10 Managers
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  • $900.00Per/Mn
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Managers
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We Offer Custom Plans. Contact Us For More Info.

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