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Рынок потенциальных клиентов и клиентов

Leads8 - это бесконечно растущий рынок потенциальных клиентов, который позволяет его участникам продавать и покупать лиды по всему миру.

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Многоуровневая онлайн-система CRM

В уникальной CRM-системе вы и ваши сотрудники можете создавать & amp; управлять любой иерархией вашей компании и управлять своими клиентами.

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Многоуровневый онлайн-чат

В Leads8 у каждого свой чат. Используя этот многоуровневый чат, каждый работник / менеджер / оператор / клиент может напрямую общаться & nbsp; с другой стороной и наоборот.

О Нас

Leads8 operates a platform where buyers and sellers buy and sell leads, manage their crm and chat with each other for free. This platform operates like a marketplace for businesses to find customers in real time, while affiliates care bringing them these customers. Our platform helps businesses in all verticals. We believe in a win-win approach. When businesses win, affiliates win, customers win - that’s how we win. Our technology is truly on the cutting edge of online marketplace exchange technology. None of our competitors even come close to matching its feature set and speed. But we haven’t stopped there. We continuously work on improving and advancing Leads8’s capabilities. We have a very good reputation, and intend to keep it this way with hard work and integrity.


  • Leads & Customers Market

  • Multi-layer CRM

  • Multi-layer Chat

  • World-wide & Multi-language Platform

Кому Мы Нужны ?

We are infinitely looking for new businesses that need quality leads & customers, we are looking for businesses that want to manage their customers/teams/sales the smartest and simplest way, we are constantly looking for new affiliates that bringing to businesses quality leads & customers, we are looking for parties that helping each other and also willing to make good profit from what they do.

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Кто Пользуется Leads8 ?

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Глобальные Бизнесы

Глобальные Бизнесы

With Leads8 Global Businesses find their customers and also manage them and manage their sales and teams.

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Локальные Бизнесы

Локальные Бизнесы

With Leads8 Local Businesses find their customers and also manage them and manage their sales and teams.

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With Leads8 Affiliates bring customers to Global and Local businesses and make big and safe profit.

Что Говорят Клиенты о Leads8?

With Leads8 I manage all my customers and my team with a really easy to use built in CRM. Since I found out about Leads8 I stopped overpaying for my customer acquisition.

David Moris Business

Since I started working with Leads8 I found out that getting payments from the businesses is very easy and safe.

John Marks Affiliate

I have an internet business. In past had a big issue to find affiliates and customers. Since I am working with Leads8, the flow of new customers never seems to end!

Vivian Dean Business

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

Our Clients


The Unlimited Package

  • $5000.00Per/Mn
  • Unlimited Клиенты
  • Unlimited Менеджеры
  • Unlimited Продукты
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upto 5,000 customers

  • $100.00Per/Mn
  • 5000 Клиенты
  • 5 Менеджеры
  • 500 Продукты
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Upto 1,000 customers

  • $59.00Per/Mn
  • 1000 Клиенты
  • 3 Менеджеры
  • 300 Продукты
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upto 250 customers

  • $0.00Per/Mn
  • 250 Клиенты
  • 2 Менеджеры
  • 10 Продукты
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We Offer Custom Plans. Contact Us For More Info.

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These features are FREE for all packages:

Features for Global Affiliates

Global Affiliates
- Sell Leads to the Businesses that are on Leads8
- Business can not mispay you for qualified leads - Leads8 is a guarantee of payments
- Tools for managing the campaigns
- Realtime Tracking
- Instant payments from Leads8 platform
- Statistics, Reports, Graphs
- A/B testing
- Ready made forms with your credentials
- Robust APIs
- You as a Global Affiliate can work with any Business and Leads8 is responsible to pay you


Keeping all data secured
- Built in Firewall
- Setting IP limitation rules per every Employee
- Configure secure IP addresses for access
- Active SSL sertificate
- Data encryption
- Keeping Logs of every employee and of customer

3rd Party Integrations

Built in services
- Integration to VOICE over IP Telephony Systems
- Integration to mailing platforms like Mailchimp, ActiveTrail
- Integration to Skype, SIP, Twillio,...
- Multi-language, Multi-currency Settings
- Integration to lots of Payment solutions: PayPal, Bitcoin, Stripe, QIWI, Webmoney, Skrill, Neteller, Worldpay, ...

API to Leads8
- Integrate any product to Leads8
- Use Leads8 as CRM for any your product/site
- Connect free CHAT from Leads8 API to your product/site
- Save data from Landing Pages into Leads8, using free API and using ready made forms

Features for Businesses

Buy Leads(CPL) & Customers(CPA / RevShare)
- Buy Leads / Customers from Global Affiliates
- Prepay funds for needed amount of customers. The paid funds are saved with Leads8.
- Leads8 will release money to Affiliate only after the customers are delivered to Business.
- If qualified leads are not delivered to Business, Leads8 refunds the paid funds to Business.

Employees/Teams Management
- Full management of Employees / Team
- Multi Teams Management
- Create and Manage Franchises of your business
- Setting of Permissions of Employees / Team members
- Settings Teams Performance and Monitoring it
- Setting Employees Performance and Monitoring it

Customers/Leads Management
- Ability to purchase Customers/Leads inside Leads8
- Getting guaranteed customers for paid money
- Full management of Customers
- Statuses, Payments, Transaction, Calculations, Performance Management per every Customer
- Reports, Graphic visualization, Statistics
- Mass Assigning of customers to different Employees, Mass emailing of marketing info to customers

- Categories Management
- Coupons Management
- Products Management
- Orders Management
- Packages Management

Business Private Affiliates
- Business can create and fully manage its own Private Affiliates
- Other Business can not see a specific Business Private Affiliates
- Business sets costs of CPL and CPA per every Private Affilite separately
- a Private Affiliate is working only for a specific Business


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